After installing our easy to use client software, your valuable data is automatically compressed, then encrypted using a proven, militarygrade encryption algorithm before ever leaving your computer. It is then transmitted over the internet using the same secure technology used by online banking systems to protect your data.

The heart of SkullCo’s Online Backup System is our secure, off-site servers. Your encrypted files are then stored on redundant disk arrays in our state of the art, high security data center.

After your initial backup, our software intelligently identifies what files have been created, changed, or deleted, and transmits only those files, minimizing the amount of time required for subsequent backups, making it ideal for mobile workers. Using a technology called ‘in-file delta’ even changes in large files can be identified and backed up with minimal resource usage. Your backed up data files are 100% restorable to their original formats, when needed, by simply clicking a few buttons using either the installed client software, or any web browser.

The core technology of our online backup system is a proven solution with more than 500,000 installations worldwide, protecting businesses large and small around the world.

Our client software supports all platforms - from basic desktop and laptop computers, to business class servers with complex database and e-mail systems.

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